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South Park Street:

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South Park Street Logs
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South Park Street Logs Community

South Park Street Logs||

This is the log community for South Park Street [southparkstreet].

We all know that logs & threads are third person written narratives, between two or more characters in the game. You can make threads here in the community, and respond through comments until completion, or you're also welcome to contact a fellow player one-on-one and write your log via IM/Email/Etc, later posting it here when it's finished. It's up to you and your preferences as a player.


We have a few rules here:

~ Anything and everything explicit [sexuality, violence, or anything otherwise considered to be mature content] belongs under an lj-cut, and should be friend-locked. Please also provide a proper warnings in the warning sections of your description.

~ Make sure to properly tag your logs and threads. When you post a log, list the full names of the characters that will be in your log in the tags section [located right below where you write your post, not easy to miss]. Separate the names of the characters with commas. If a thread is open, it is the duty of the players to add their characters to the tags in the entry when they join.

~ Don't be afraid to jump into open threads! Especially if it's a large event, like a town happening, classroom setting, or even just a trip to Shakey's. We're not going to bite, and activity is more than welcomed.

~ You may title your logs/threads as whatever you want, but somewhere in the subject line of your post, please put the status of your log. Either use [In Progress], or [Complete]. Always make sure to change your logs/threads to [Complete] once you finish them up, for organization's sake.

We use the following opening format when posting here;

Who: Include a list of all of the people involved. Remember to update it as people join, if you're hosting an open log/thread.
When: Approximate time and/or date that this log is happening.
Where: The location(s) that this log will be taking place in.
Summary: Explain what's going on, or what's going to go on. Even just a brief little sentence will do.
Status: Tell us whether this log/thread is open or closed.
WARNINGS: Give us a heads-up if this post contains any explicit material, or mature content. If you could tell us what kind, that would be preferred, since some people may have a problem with specific content.

You can copy and paste this format from the box below;

No exceptions. Posts not using this format, will be warned, and then deleted if the player does not fix it.

Now go have fun, kids.